Monday, 9 July 2012


When the dusts of ash and the rubble of glass had long cleared away, it's been almost a year since the U.K riots. Over 10,000 people who made that poor judgement last year are now sentenced. No doubt there will be more to come. Our Prime Minister, David Cameron made swift and hard punishments. So hard people were debating if it was fair a looter should go to jail for 6 months for taking bottled water.
Chelsea Ives, 19, courts said she attacked a police car and a mobile phone shop during the
riots. Would you hire her in 5yrs time?
 Now it's hardly spoken about. Innocent citizens want to move on as quickly away from the event as possible. However, employers are going to be reminded again when an influx of ex cons will apply for jobs in future. These people will have to put a tick on the criminally convicted box on an application form. If employers ask these ex cons what are they convicted of, would they hire those who said they had stolen 2 packets of crisps (chips in American)?

Someone could say why should we, the innocent, care about if these 'scum' will be hired or not? The matter of fact is this, here in the U.K we are crawling back to have a stable economy where debates are being thrown around about how to raise employment levels. The government is now pouring money in our economy to beat the recession, so more people employed will definitely help the situation.

Many people might not agree with this , but  another reason why people should care about hiring rioter/looter is , a there is probably a good percentage of these convicts are not criminally minded. They probably had nothing to do with crime until they decided to join in the order of chaos. As the media stated last year, some of these 'scum' had jobs or enrolled in good education courses.
In a nutshell, some of these people would probably never have done any crime if the riots did not happen.
Yes, a suspicious looking lot, but if they came
to an employer wearing suit and tie....?
So in world where there is a 90% chance a person is not going to gain employment with a criminal record anyway, would it be suitable for employers to give more consideration for these ex cons? What has to be clear here is that the types of riot crimes highlighted for the title's question are the ones that did not cause serious harm to another person. Like taking drink cans, magazines, kicking in shop windows. The major crimes such as battery, GBH, arson, police interference, violent protesting and the sort are not included in this title's question. Those crimes need more careful thought by employers. 

So when an ex rioter comes into an interview, it puts the employer in a curious position. Unlike other convicts who did something somewhat unrelated to the employer, ex cons from the riots carry a more tarnished image. Since employers were the secondary target of the rioters, it doesn't matter if a person committed a misdemeanour during the riots on a whim. An employer interviewing an ex looter would be like interviewing a former enemy even though that person did not attack his/her business last year.

However, in a justice system like ours (and USA) it would be good to give these misdemeanour offenders a second chance for the sake of the economy, but this is not to say the employers' feelings should not be taken into account. If  employers do not want anything to do with ex rioters in future, an idea must be put into action so that the employers will feel more welcoming and the economy can grow.

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