Friday, 13 July 2012


 About time!
In case there are those around the world who do not know this. 5 months ago 2 men were named an embrassment to British boxing. The then retired boxer David Haye and defeated heavyweight Dereck Chisora.
They had a real fight at the Klitschko v Chisora post fight press conference in Germany that was similar to turf war between 2 male  bisons.  After the scuffle a vengeful Chisora was left yelling how he was going to find Haye and 'shoot' and 'burn' him. It created a bad buzz about the binary and digital world. As seen here:

They were branded outcasts of the boxing world and while Haye, who was already retired at the time, flew himself to Las Vegas in the US, Chisora had his British boxing licence taken away.

Fast forward to today, as fate would probably have it, they are due to clash again tomorrow night in a boxing ring in an OFFICIAL  boxing match. This created mostly scorn from the public and boxing officials calling it 'waste of time' or a 'disgrace to boxing'. 

While the fight at the press conference was terrible, there are those of us (many or few) who thinks that the events leading up to this fight is a good idea. This is why only in this fight they can be seen as role models. Forget the politics and the effort to please the British consensus, you have 2 people who have an issue with each other. From Chisora's point of view, something has not settled; The problem between them is not over. Haye who thinks he had settled the matter in Germany, agrees to end it once an for all with this match.

Many would not agree but that's what so good about it. How many movies have we watched and stories have we read where when 2 men have problem with one another, they argee to 'step outside'.  Most critise Haye and Chisora for 'stepping outside'in a way, but we all praise those John Wayne, Clint Eastwood types when they wallop a villian for being disrespectful or to settle an issue. Yes, it's fiction, but it cames from an old custom for men to settle their differences. Black,white or asian, it has been used throuhout the world.

Nowadays in Britain, it probably happens few and far between due to the courts of law. However, as boxers this is the right step forward for both men. It wasnt right what happened in Germany, even Haye said if he knew there would have been a possible fist fight in Munich, he wouldnt have went to the press conference.  This fight tomorrow is the only way to make amends for that night in Munich. Thats why for one night they are role models. Not the kind the Klitschkos apparently are, but the kind that takes an ugly situation and make it right.

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