Thursday, 26 July 2012

SO WHAT?! SERIES PART 2: So what I like 'bad' movies

Everyone does through it from time to time: You choose a film you want to see, sit down and watch the film to start, get hooked at the beginning, get excited over a well made scene then praise the film at  the end. Then, all of a sudden you  feel that breeze of doubt and isolation  as you are surrounded by people blasting the film. That good sizzling film you recently watched has now swept from your 'favorites' list to the 'guilty pleasures' list.

The introduction of He-man in Masters of the Universe. One of the most iconic scenes
in the movie. 
This should not be. Its time for most people to fully admit they like a film even others pan it. This is not to say you should broadcast at high volume on a megaphone that you like a film every one else dislikes, but rather firmly admit it.

The type of bad movies pointed out here are not the awful wet- tissue-paper -balls -on- the -wall movies from the likes of mockbuster company Asylum ( Transmorphers? Almighty Thor?). The films that are the subject here are the ones which are not obviously as bad as the masses say they are. Those of us who have good common sense to know a film is quite good should not bow down to the bulling of others making us feel like outsiders. Take The Last Airbender for example. It got panned almost unanimously for being director  M. Night Shyamlan's shambles of a movie.  While is no Oscar winning movie, the film was executed well enough.
The original and superior version
The acting was made for TV movie standard rather then cinema quality, but the film has a certain charm about it which over rides the bland acting. The charm seems to have come from the care the director handled the film. The gentle touch to the general storyline, Katara's cute naturing role to Aang, the sharp timed action sequences  and the believability of the elemental powers used by the different nations.  These positives  made the film worth watching. So for someone to admit to a critic and say "I love The Last Airbender" it's possible to see why. There is no need to think anyone who likes Airbender belongs in an asylum (no pun intended).

Yes it missed the mark, but it wasn't that bad.
With that being mentioned, It is very understandable that the proper fans of the Airbender cartoon were enraged at the dull characterisations, especially the main hero of the film, Aang. The video clip below must have been frustrating to watch for fans as actor Noah Ringer was MORE like Aang off screen than he was on screen.  However, this goes to show the director wasn't bad as such, but more like missed the mark, because he could have made an excellent adaptation. However, as a standalone film it does have a decent touch.

Some films such as Airbender, are unfairly trashed by ignoring most of the standout work the films made.  Not every film has to be Man on Wire or Godfather 2. As people we are different. That is as obvious as calling our biggest star in the sky the sun. Not all of us want to see film that has been nominated for respected movie awards. There are films that can be a good watch without being a review success. This is not to say that most of the movies that got panned don't have big flaws, but there are parts of these movies that were done right. With the towering mountain of sparkle and glamour that is Hollywood, it is easy to forget film is an art which can be open to interpretation. What's total rubbish to one person can be good to another.

However, it must be clear that the movies that can be open to interpretation are the ones that had passion put into them during the making. That is why some movies became cult classics despite bad reviews: Masters of the Universe, Howard the Duck, House of the Evil Dead. There had been least some sweat and tears put into production and direction of these films. They were made with a vision, a meaning, an impression to leave the viewers with.

So there should be no shame in putting 'bad' movies on your favourites list. Once you GET the purpose of a film you like it should be defended. A great reason why people should admit liking a panned film is that not all classic movies are liked by everyone. Not everyone likes The Godfather series, Citizen Kane, Raging Bull or Titanic. True, some might not have any good taste in movies who might say these classics are rubbish. However, there are people with good taste who would not like some of these highly praised films also.

So the best thing to do if you like a film that most think is a pile of pigs truffle don't let them sway you; every film has it's fans and critics.


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