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Convenience. Sounds good when it goes in our favour doesn't it? "For your convenience we will come and pick up your package for free" or "For your convenience we have provided a creche  for children while the parents dine at the table". It's always wise to do something for another's convenience especially in the world of business and services.

However, we are in the times where we expect too much convenience. You will find bits of this in the news. For instance, the story that came out a few months ago that some "grown" adults dislike the inconvenience of sharing a plane with children so much, they want to ban all children from boarding with them because of the 'noise'.

Even if you haven't seen it in the daily news, you have definitely seen it in every day life and will continue to see it. Like that person in the queue tutting  behind an elderly customer trying to pay the right money at the shop counter. Like that teenager getting angry just because their internet connection has shut down and cant have unimportant social network chats with their friends.

This is too much. As humans on earth we are born to adapt. We adapt to climates, people and environments. Of course, there are harder things to adapt to then others, that is where the necessity of convenience comes in. That's also were the phrase "necessity is the mother of all invention" gets it's real meaning.


Microwaves, fridges, power tools and even toilets have more necessities than what people at this age are moaning about.  This is not a "back in my day" rant on new technology or on the new way of thinking,  but this is to highlight our growing over reliance on non essential benefits  of  technology and our pleasures of selfishness. 

Most of us tend to think once we  had broke free from the patronising authoritarian type of living in the pre world war 2 days, we as a people would have a voice that is valued and would not cross the line of being too narcissistic,  domineering and selfish. Well, we were wrong. It seems we are going that way; our voices are talking way too much.  Western society is becoming more petty to the point where we would be barking at the wrong lily flower let alone up a tree.

This trend of attitude is what the older generation had warned us about. This warning probably was not done in the most subtle of ways, as most older generations speak with disgust on the new generations becoming too dependent on the comforts of life.  They would go on rants or arrogant bursts about "the good ol' days" which would put off the next in line of life from listening.

 So it's widely agreed the elderly (not all!) basically moan about this day and age, but when we take a deeper look, there is some truth to what they are saying. They came from the times when hard work and struggle were a huge part of western society. From helping to re-build cities and towns after the second world war, to fetching coal to heat their houses, they understand the balance between  being lazy to being overly tough minded. They know what they are entitled to, but they are prepared to work hard for it if need be.

So if we are leading that way, what can we do to stop it or at least disrupt this trend of attitude that is  turning most of  us into selfish bottom feeders? Well there are a few solutions that will do just that.

  • Relax your mind- Yes, it's easy to get caught up in the problems and tasks of the day, but most days you have to be honest with yourself. Is that issue on your mind that important to fuss over right now? or is that horrid person who stopped speaking to you worth bothering about? A relaxed mind would not need a demand for instant satisfaction in life most of the time. A bothered mind with unnecessary issues would lead to an over reliance on convenience. 

  • Don't get caught up in the adverts-  You've probably snatched up the i Phone 4, the Wii U, the new Beats headphones or the Beatspill because of how the adverts had splashed all over the TV, Internet and posters of how awesome these products are, but if these types of products are not giving you a major benefit other than feeling good then don't get it.  To be clear, there is nothing wrong in paying attention to adverts of  new and improved devices and gadgets but you have to ask yourself : Do I really need to buy it?

  • Get over yourself- We've heard this phrase before all over the place, but this time use it to humble yourself when living life in general. There is a evil cloud of selfishness that is roaming around modern civilisation as of late. We've seen it:  "I want this now!", "Your taking too long!" "You're in the way". This type of behaviour is real bad. It's not to say you should not look out for your own, but to realise others are important as yourself.

Friday, 14 September 2012


Within the last 20 years, whenever an old issue is brought up, two opinions you would hear among many are: "Oh it's the 90's, things shouldn't happen like that anymore" and  "Oh it's the 21 century I thought we were past that". However, whenever we hear those phrases it only involves old issues that are more talked about like race, sex or culture. Well, these two phrases will be brought to this less mentioned issue here - bad school teachers.

Teachers from the post modern golden era of child discipline, the 1950's and 60's, have a reputation of being villains. Treating pupils like animals and enforce that they should never speak unless spoken to. People who are mature or elderly of age would share one story two about certain teachers who were over strict and boarder line sadistic.

Now, that's all they are, stories of an era long gone. However even though the educational system has changed so that school children now have a voice, there are a type villainous teachers that are surprisingly still around. Not the sexual violating ones, not the boring ones, not the incompetent ones, but the annoying ones with the bad attitude. The ones who allow the class loud mouth to muck around, but singles you out for talking in class for only uttering a word. The ones who frown at you necessarily for asking to go to the toilet. The ones who blatantly ignores you as you try to ask for help.

These type of teachers may be in a minority in the broader picture of the educational system, but ask a young person, who had already finished school, about any teachers who had a bad attitude,  you might get a name or two as well as a few stories.

It's a wonder how, the method of school discipline has changed though the experience of those who were victimised in decades past, but the current bad attitude of teachers  hasn't.  It's a part of life to surpass the the poor standards of the past. To evolve. You would hear people who grew up in a single parent background, declaring their own children will not have the same upbringing.  You would watch the news to see governments delivering statements  about changing flawed laws that were made in history.

So what deep twisted dark side of the abyss did these teachers come from? Weren't they school children too when they saw a teacher with a bad attitude in their own class?  Every human being knows if someone is doing something immoral in their professional duties it's downright disgraceful. It doesn't matter if you are a tough or cynical minded human being. If its wrong, it's just wrong. Just when we think it's enough that these bad attitude teachers are being a pain in the backside, here's the kicker, they know that they being a pain in the backside. One can tell by looking at them, with that grin on their face, pretending what they are doing is normal.

In nowadays there should be no more of these type of teachers.  At least those teachers from the 1950's and 60's can say they were taught by the education system to be hard, even though its a weak excuse to butcher school pupils almost on a daily basis. Bad attitude teachers on the other hand, have no excuse whatsoever. Not a bad day. Not because they had a bad upbringing. Nothing. They willingly choose to use whatever reason to justify themselves to annoy students.

What makes that situation even worse is that teachers with a bad attitude has such a grey area in the school guidelines. If you complain to the headmaster, they mostly don't want to take your word for it. Reasons being they think you are 'too sensitive' or being a 'troublemaker'. This is really not a good way deal with complaints. That school student will remember that for years to come as mentioned earlier.

It would be nice if the national education boards in some western countries would put out bad attitude teachers but that would mean surveillance. Cameras everywhere. The last thing everyone needs is a repressed school.  It seems the best possible hope of bad attitude teachers being eradicated is to wait again for a new generation of teachers who will finally understand that teaching with a bad attitude is not cool.

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This is for us who enjoyed growing up in the 1980's. I just thought this video will bring an nostalgia extravaganza to children and teens of the 80's. At times, it felt like that decade was made for us. Full of fun and excitement. Remember running home in time to see MYSTERIOUS CITIES OF GOLD and PEEWEE'S PLAYHOUSE. Well just ignore the cheesiness of the video (especially the 1st 20 seconds) and GO BACK IN TIME!

Added this video below as a bonus. Remember when we used to see this at the end of cartoons? Special times !

                Oh and in spirit of the Olympics, this is for those who grew up in Britain.


Sunday, 12 August 2012

SO WHAT?! SERIES FINAL PART: So what I like professional Wrestling?

He sat on a bench lacing up his boots. Soon as he finished, he took a moment to concentrate on what he was about to say in a few moments. He stood up, did a warm up and walked out of the locker room.

He walked in the hall in silent thought and saw the TV crew ready with the camera. He went up to them then the camera was focused on him and in a few seconds it began recording. He shouts.

"Tonight I want you! If you run and hide it's not doing to work, like it didnt work with Saddam Hussian!......."
Many would say he talked gobbledy gook, but if they are honest they do GET what he was saying.

Yes, wrestling, to the general public, has a kind of a bad wrap. It's 'cheesy', 'silly waste of time', 'terrible television' or 'just for children'. Many do not realise the skill and dedication it takes to be a good wrestler. The thought process and the ideas they must come up with to engage the public. The hours of hard training it takes to have good matches. Pro wrestling is not rocket science but it is not easy, it just looks easy.

Like most sports, there is thought and great team work between the wrestlers to have a match. There are a variety of moves in the ring that can be dangerous if done wrong. For example a bodyslam, an easy looking move enough, but land on the wrong angle on the receiving end of it, there can be an injury. That clearly would lead to a trip to the medic, missing a few match dates and maybe a heated argument with the wrestler who gave the bodyslam or all three.

To focus on another danger from a team work gone wrong, there is the bad match. A terrible situation which can be likened to a bad stand up comedy act or a flop concert. Just like other entertainment which is shown in front of an audience, there is nowhere to hide. Every move the wrestlers make is seen mostly at every angle.  If the wrestlers are awkward performing moves or miss time them, it's embarrassing. There are video clips on the internet to show just how. Wrestling fans call them 'wrestling bloppers' which can happen to the worst and best wrestler.

This is the same with the other part of being a pro wrestler, the promo. When a wrestler has to act he/she dislikes another wrestler while speaking to the camera, there is an immediate pressure to make sure it comes off perfectly. If the promo isn't even average standard the shame is on the wrestler after it's done. Again, it's embarrassing.

Just like most areas of professions, there is a high standard wrestlers are rated by. However this does not mean every wrestler on weekly TV are the elite class.  This is what some of these critics do not fully understand. There are wrestlers who are good or bad regardless if they are on TV or not.  The best workers, who can make a match look fantastic and there are sub standard wrestlers, who are better off wrestling in an audience of their pet dogs.  A person can easily watch a horrible wrestling match just out of curiosity then mistake it for an example of a good wrestling match before switching the channel in disappointment. After, they might feel that is the best pro wrestling is ever going to get, but they would be wrong. Given the chance to watch another match, they might see much better performers.That is why there are a handful of names that are praised in the pro wrestling industry.

If you are a bit cynical about pro wrestling or pro wrestlers, watch this
guy. WWE's future star, DEAN AMBROSE.

Besides the backstage politics that occasionally happens in pro wrestling, there is some intelligence involved in the profession to the point a wrestler is widely recognised and respected. In fact, any none fan can have great conversation with a wrestler and find them insightful and clever. That is what most people often miss out when bashing wrestlers. Wrestlers are just like everyone else who have  ambition and a good head on their shoulders. When listening to some of past lives of wrestlers it can be surprising they could be have been a success in a different profession. Be it sport; like UK or US football, swimming, athletics or white collar jobs like a judge, lawyer, business executive or a doctor.

It should be understood, that it is passion as to why these people would be bothered to get into the wrestling business in the first place. The thrill of performing, the chants of an audience and the social lifestyle are what attracted these men and women we now know as wrestlers. Ask some of these normal 9 to 5 workers what they would have liked as a career, they would say an actor or a huge pop star. Wrestling is just like that to some people. A job that is not the normal. A job that is made for ambitious performers. A job that drinks in the reaction of a crowd.

Having just mentioned the crowd, a group of people who arguably get more bashing from others are the wrestling fans. The most common phrase who dismiss pro wrestling on TV is "Who watches this stuff?". Through lack of understanding, these critics just see brutes wearing ridiculous costumes performing 'fake moves' and 'cheap soap opera.' Probably they think the main 'crime' of pro wresting is that, it's not a competitive sport because wrestling matches are choreographed and the winners are decided before the wrestlers even enter the ring.

 The fact of the matter is, there is a certain level of real competitiveness in pro wrestling. This competitiveness is not with the opponents, but with the wrestlers themselves. It's similar to trying to beat your personal best on a race track or in a power lifting training session. Wrestling fans know this and see that every time a wrestler performs they are actually performing (or should be!) at their personal best. How they do their moves, how they engage with the audience, how they tell the story during matches.

Wrestling fans appreciate the art of pro wrestling  as a whole, like eager spectators at an opera. As fans they are critical of all the wrestlers' performances. Some fan comments may be vague or some detailed, but one thing is for sure, they have a clear idea of what wrestling matches are good and what matches that are an equivalent to a dirty urinal. Those who look down on pro wrestling fans, dont know  these fans mostly think this way.

Yes, there are some wrestling fans that give the general fanbase a bad name. There are the 'neanderthal' types, who shout alot and act like fools and there are  'egotistical geeks', who do too much ranting about whats bad about pro wrestling. The term for them are 'smart marks'.  Unfortunately, it is these type of fans who unfairly get the spotlight when critics want to point out a typical wrestling fan. A typical wrestling fan would not be so obnoxious. Most fans discuss and behave like any other civil fan of entertainment.

So if pro wrestling is not one's cup of tea then that is fine, not everyone must be a wresting fan or like pro wrestling. However pro wrestling is profession that should be more respected.

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Wont see new Batman movie?

Just thought I would make this cartoon silliness for fun!
I know their voices need work.