Friday, 14 September 2012


Within the last 20 years, whenever an old issue is brought up, two opinions you would hear among many are: "Oh it's the 90's, things shouldn't happen like that anymore" and  "Oh it's the 21 century I thought we were past that". However, whenever we hear those phrases it only involves old issues that are more talked about like race, sex or culture. Well, these two phrases will be brought to this less mentioned issue here - bad school teachers.

Teachers from the post modern golden era of child discipline, the 1950's and 60's, have a reputation of being villains. Treating pupils like animals and enforce that they should never speak unless spoken to. People who are mature or elderly of age would share one story two about certain teachers who were over strict and boarder line sadistic.

Now, that's all they are, stories of an era long gone. However even though the educational system has changed so that school children now have a voice, there are a type villainous teachers that are surprisingly still around. Not the sexual violating ones, not the boring ones, not the incompetent ones, but the annoying ones with the bad attitude. The ones who allow the class loud mouth to muck around, but singles you out for talking in class for only uttering a word. The ones who frown at you necessarily for asking to go to the toilet. The ones who blatantly ignores you as you try to ask for help.

These type of teachers may be in a minority in the broader picture of the educational system, but ask a young person, who had already finished school, about any teachers who had a bad attitude,  you might get a name or two as well as a few stories.

It's a wonder how, the method of school discipline has changed though the experience of those who were victimised in decades past, but the current bad attitude of teachers  hasn't.  It's a part of life to surpass the the poor standards of the past. To evolve. You would hear people who grew up in a single parent background, declaring their own children will not have the same upbringing.  You would watch the news to see governments delivering statements  about changing flawed laws that were made in history.

So what deep twisted dark side of the abyss did these teachers come from? Weren't they school children too when they saw a teacher with a bad attitude in their own class?  Every human being knows if someone is doing something immoral in their professional duties it's downright disgraceful. It doesn't matter if you are a tough or cynical minded human being. If its wrong, it's just wrong. Just when we think it's enough that these bad attitude teachers are being a pain in the backside, here's the kicker, they know that they being a pain in the backside. One can tell by looking at them, with that grin on their face, pretending what they are doing is normal.

In nowadays there should be no more of these type of teachers.  At least those teachers from the 1950's and 60's can say they were taught by the education system to be hard, even though its a weak excuse to butcher school pupils almost on a daily basis. Bad attitude teachers on the other hand, have no excuse whatsoever. Not a bad day. Not because they had a bad upbringing. Nothing. They willingly choose to use whatever reason to justify themselves to annoy students.

What makes that situation even worse is that teachers with a bad attitude has such a grey area in the school guidelines. If you complain to the headmaster, they mostly don't want to take your word for it. Reasons being they think you are 'too sensitive' or being a 'troublemaker'. This is really not a good way deal with complaints. That school student will remember that for years to come as mentioned earlier.

It would be nice if the national education boards in some western countries would put out bad attitude teachers but that would mean surveillance. Cameras everywhere. The last thing everyone needs is a repressed school.  It seems the best possible hope of bad attitude teachers being eradicated is to wait again for a new generation of teachers who will finally understand that teaching with a bad attitude is not cool.

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