Monday, 23 May 2011


Freedom. The welcomer of order and chaos. We see the major issues surrounding freedom broadcast digitally and by analogue from the media. Groups of people protesting peacefully or violently for a major freedom that they know will better their lives for years to come. The conflict of order and chaos can be seen now in Libya and before that, Cairo. These people, who are fed up, exercise their freedom to protest against their dictator, but at the same time the dictator exercises his freedom to struggle to stay in power.

With so much major issues with freedom that exists its easy to forget the minor freedoms we in the western world have. These freedoms are often taken for granted. This is not to push everyone to be all out grateful at every waking morning, but to be grateful just for a moment on the occasional day. A moment is all a person needs to take joy in minor freedoms in life. Taking a walk in a park while taking in the peaceful aura of nature; Waking up in the morning to play Assassins Creed before your belly gets mad for not getting breakfast; going to the pub just because of the joy of darts. These minor freedoms may sound necessary, but it actually is necessary.

Taking a moment to take small joy in this does give a benefit to being human. It helps a person to be aware of what's important in life and have a deeper perspective on things whatever the issue is. Prisoners who have been released would tell anyone these freedoms helped them to be well rounded on the outlook on life. Celebrities as well would tell millions either through their interviews or open comments, the satisfaction of the little things in life.

Michael Jackson expressed his delight in his Private home movies doc, of roaming free inside a super market which was closed down for him. Someone of his status, who had millions of fans hanging on to his every word; Who had 'green' that can count up to the same amount of tree leaves of quarter the Brazilian rainforest, still appreciated the freedom of shopping in a supermarket. There are many who think Michael Jackson was 'weird' anyway and ignore this example, but at least he was one of the many celebrities, who people would class as normal, feel the same about their minor freedoms has he did.

There may have been times, where a person may feel the joy of a minor freedom and want to smack it down with words like "oh it's stupid" or "that's hippy thinking". Little does that person know, of all the values in the cool satisfaction of the minor freedoms in life explained earlier. However, there is another benefit that adds to the rest. That benefit is the greater appreciation of the major freedoms. Once you have a gratitude for the little things you will have a greater gratitude for the bigger things.

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